Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Battle Cry

Battle Cry
Men Stepping UP and Stepping OUT

Battle Cry is a movement birthed out of S Carolina Conference by Pastor Cory Jones, Emmanuel PHC in Lake City, SC and National M25 Board Member, Angel Alba, along with National Director, Gary Burd. 

So far in 2016, there have been four Battle Cry Events where approximately 220 men have been challenged and inspired to wake up from the spirit of apathy and passivity that has invaded and neutralized the men of the Kingdom. In two locations it was followed by training to be Knights of the Kingdom where over 40 men have received intense training and honored with the presentation of a 47" stainless steel sword. 

The events have taken place in S. Carolina, Florida, Hawaii and California, with more to be held this fall. Men have given of their time and churches, conferences and men's ministry leaders have sacrificed to make these events full of manly challenge. 

The subjects in all Battle Cry events deal with the following:
  • Embrace Your Manhood
  • Discover your identity
  • Define your mission
We have come to realize the men in the Kingdom struggle with the loss of the adventurous spirit, the desire to live risky lives and have been harnessed with a life of boredom and a mundane schedule. We have been reduced to good little boys that have learned a series of life patterns that have taken the fight out of our church and left the church vulnerable to an enemy that has taken our influence from our nation. The result is churches of men that give the Kingdom a couple hours a week and produced a society that has been defined as 'post-Christian'. 

We discuss how men in the church is in need of CPR because we have lost the Culture, succumbed to a life of Political correctness and have learned to exist in a Rut (a grave with both ends open). In Psalms 138:7, we are told He will "revive" (breath fresh breath, the same breath God breathed in Adam) in the midst of trouble (a vice squeezing the breath out of us). 

There is a challenge to be more than 'saved', more than confessing the 'sinner's prayer' and move to a life devoted to see Jesus brought back to a place of honor and to aggressively Advance the Kingdom. It is the heart of Battle Cry events to challenge men to "step up" (to a new level of selfless and sacrificial love) and "step out" to serve people outside their comfort zone in order to earn the right to plant the seed of God's love in 'all soils' (Mark 4). To depend on the Holy Spirit to operate in them the 'creative power' to bring this culture back to the Judeo-Christian values the USA was built on. 

Hawaii Knights
The final thing we deal with is the idea of 'running to the fire' rather than away. The military that protects this nation is taught to advance when fired upon rather than run the other way. Lt Col Grossman writes 'the nation must become prepared for what is coming our way'. He states in his book, "On Combat", the things you are not prepared for will do deep seeded emotional damage which will take much counseling to overcome. The church must change it's approach from, 'if this happens...' to 'when this happens...' if we hope to see our churches thrive in the face of oppression that is coming, (Jeremiah 29:4-6). We urge leaders to build their ministries on challenge not blessings. We have become so 'blessed' and embraced the 'entitlement' spirit of our country in the church, that we have produced a very weak institution called the church. Believers are taught they are 'entitled' to all these blessings because.... It is our heart to move to a place where we could be called upon to be a 'warrior' (Hebrews 11:32) or a martyr (Hebrews 11:35) in order to pass the Freedom of Religion and Life to the next generation. 

The Swords
The Knights training focuses on three basic codes that drive our life with classes to help us embrace them:
Whatever the tool, may the churches in this country move from casual Christianity, a love for this world that creates risk-free living, and a spirit of apathy that prevails. May the men of the church rise and become aggressive, risk takers and transformed men who are not afraid to give 100% to the Kingdom of God. 

If you are interested in a Battle Cry in your church or area, please contact us at gburd@arn.net or 806-670-9669.

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