Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Church Honors Wounded Hero

Church Honors Wounded Warrior

Riding in the Rain
On October 7, 2016, a hurricane was moving up the East Coast of our great nation, rain was falling, however eleven Mission:M25 and Hard CORE M/M Riders mounted their "Steel Horses" at Journey Church in Siler City, NC. Led by Mission M25 National Assistant Director, Pastor Mark Richardson, headed to Greensboro, NC airport. Some, like Upper South Carolina Conference Pointman, Gail Glick and Bobby Cepek rode from Pelzer, SC, Rodney McCray from Indians Trail, NC and the South Carolina Conference, riders from Henderson, NC, Tom Mangum and Melvin McBride rode miles before arriving in Siler City, NC. Why? In such conditi
ons would men ride in these conditions? We were welcoming Gunnery Sgt Chris Claude from Pennsylvania was arriving by air. 

Chris & Mark with selected trike
Mission M25 and Pastor Mark has joined forces with Hero Combat Bike Build (www.eaglesup.com) in connection with our relationship with Run For The Wall to build this true hero of our nation a custom trike. This trike will enable Chris who is missing one leg above the knee and some serious damage to his left hand from an IED in Iraq in 2006. Chris was coming to pick one of three bikes/trikes that would be modified to express our nations appreciation for his sacrifice. He will once again be able to 'get his face in the wind'. 

Carolyn & Chris
On the next day, Journey Church moved forward by hosting the Cornerstone Conference M25 Annual Summit. While the crowd was definitely effected by the terrible storm where there was a loss of life and much property loss. However, the attitude and spirit of those who rode in or drove in was still upbeat. There was a presentation by National Director Gary Burd of Battlefields M25 is fighting the Spiritual Battle on. Then on to a study on the Parable of the Seed Sower, looking deeply into the subject of John 4:35, the white fields of harvest. The battle, as we see it, is for our equal rights of sharing the Christian Faith in this nation that is under fire on many fronts. M25 also uses service (good deeds) as a way to let the "Light Shine", Mattthew 5:14-16. 

On Sunday morning, the church began to gather at 10:00 am for the morning worship service. Gunnery SGT Claude was again honored, along with all the veterans. This was a weekend of "God and Country", a stand inside and outside the church for His Kingdom and our Country! There were motorcycles inside the church, Pastor Mark's ride, a bike with a salvage title that looks like a show bike was used to remind us that the Creative Power of God made us like He wants us while in our Mother's womb, Psalms 139:13-14. However, many of us crash and burn but God does not discard us, He has the ability to 're-create' us as He did the world in Genesis 1  and Psalms 51 reveals this truth in King David's life, Lord create a GENESIS week in me. There was much hope and encouragement in the house. 

Parade Bikes
Then off to Pittsboro, NC where riders joined us with new toys for Toys For Tots (an effort of the Marines to assure kids have toys for Christmas). At 13:00, bikes roared toward the Journey Church, where people awaited with a chili cook off, bike games and a lot of fun. As we concluded there was a moment of honor bestowed up on our HERO of the Day, Gunny Sgt Claude. Then there was the raffle of the custom motorcycle Hard CORE M/M had built. It was exciting watching the four people with keys try to start it, however, it was the last key tried by Dave Schau that lit the front light and allowed the engine to roar.

Pastor Mark & Dave Schau
Another creative way to share our faith in service and love, a day where we not only worshiped inside the church but outside the four walls. We encourage churches to find ways to stand for our moral values and the Kingdom of God in places and ways  people in this world can see us. Thanks to Mission:M25 in Cornerstone Conference, North Carolina Conference, South Carolina Conference and Upper South Carolina for attending this great event. We were so blessed by the sacrifice and love of the Journey Church, Hard CORE M/M and Pastors Mark and Ellen Richardson. 

Friday, September 30, 2016

Riding From a Bar to a Church

Amarillo, TX

Sunday, September 25, 2016, 9:45 am, the sanctuary began to fill, most were wearing their black leather, the stage was lined with motorcycles, the air was electric, this is BIKER SUNDAY. The largest day of the year in attendance and fund raising but it must begin with WORSHIP! 
Morning Worship

Bikers visit from the surrounding area and some rode as much as five hours one way to attend this historic day. There are motorcycle clubs and motorcycle ministries that make this event mandatory participation every year, something the motorcycle culture understands. 

The service, led by Lead Pastor, Craig Lawlis, includes enthusiastic worship led by Christian Heritage's Pastor Greg Sanderson's team, ranging in age from 10 to 67 years of age. The challenging sermon delivered by visiting USA Missionary, Gary Burd was followed by an unity communion service that had every Biker Patch (the identifying patch worn on the back of their vest) on the stage. Brig. Gen. Dale Hoover led the prayer over the bread and JAG Officer Julie Simoni led the prayer over the wine which brings the message of God and Country to forefront of the congregation. 
The Bar Scene

Those who could not handle the fumes and noise were released, the bikes fired up and roared out of the church. The destination? Skooterz Biker Bar! Upon arrival, the crowd was gathering. Yes, some where already having their brew inside the bar, the parking lot was full of small talk about the year's rides and happenings. The hosting radio station had two vehicles with the back doors open and huge speakers cranking out some old rock and roll while Hard CORE M/M members roamed with clip boards in hand to 'sign the riders in'. The streets were lined for several blocks on both sides with motorcycles awaiting to be fired up to make the ride to the church. This would remind you of the party Matthew threw in Matthew 9:10-11, where the Pharisees condemned Jesus for sitting with the scum. Matthew so desired his friends, many the outcast of society to be exposed to the love and life of his new found Savior, Jesus. 

The Streets lined with bikes!
At 1 pm sharp, police lead a parade of 1,300 - 1,500 motorcycles along a route lined with men and women enjoying the shiny iron horses roaring and kids were anxious to get candy, thrown by the riders. Upon arriving across town at Christian Heritage Church, the streets are lined with flags waving people cheering. Several thousand participants in the day were gathered to celebrate and just have a great day of family fun built around motorcycles. 

After parking riders lined up for over a block to give their toy for Toys For Tots and get a Biker Sunday tee shirt. While music is playing, the folks line up to get a free barbecue sandwich, bag of chips and a drink all donated by the church, where hundreds of pounds of meat had been prepared by Fred Lerch and crew. The drawings begin for door prizes given, donated by businesses in the area. 

The bikes games begin, slow races, potato race, water board race, boot race and the grand finale was the burn out pit where smoke from a spinning tire burning rolled across the crowd. There are a lot of shouting and cheering as the bikers display their skills at operating these big beast around obstacles at slow speeds. 

People were called to the stage where a "God and Country" message was shared, National Anthem played (people were challenged not to kneel on this property), prayer was prayed and the people sang out Amazing Grace. The air was electric as the voices of 1,500 - 2,000 people sang out both songs. The parking lot was filled with Patriotism and the Holy Spirit filled the crowds heart. People were challenged to "stand up" for our country and commit to a life beyond a casual Christianity. They were offered the opportunity to 'learn what the Bible says' about the life they are to committed to as Christians and given the option of church either at Christian Heritage Church on Sunday or Full Armor Biker Church on Thursday, pastored by Mike Carlisle. 

Winner of the bike!
A drawing was made where a 40 caliber semi-automatic pistol and a Harley Davidson Sporster was given away. The winner of the motorcycle climbed on her new bike and the husband stood beside her with tears running down his cheeks. 

Some may say, why start at a bar? Why have bikes in the sanctuary? Why give a motorcycle and gun away? Why go through all this labor and expense? 
  • Bikes in front of the church is a type of 'dedicating' tools of ministry to the Lord each year. 
  • Starting at a bar is symbolic of going to the world and living the life of Light, which we trust will 'lead' people to the church. 
  • Giving items that mean something to the community you are reaching out to, says we care but more importantly, Jesus cares. 
  • The toys raised will make children and their parents very happy on Christmas Eve as motorcycles deliver the toys, normally valued at $15,000 - $20,000. 
  • The games fuel the idea that the Christian life can still be full of adventure and challenge, it is not a boring life. 
The event goes down as a huge success and there can be nothing but thanks to our Lord for His anointing and direction and Hard CORE M/M members and Biker Sunday Committee, led by president, Keith Burd. Christian Heritage Church once again role models being a church that finds unique ways to give to the community to prove our love, by assisting Toys For Tots to meet a cultural need in our area. All come together to bring Jesus to the fore-front of the community.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Battle Cry

Battle Cry
Men Stepping UP and Stepping OUT

Battle Cry is a movement birthed out of S Carolina Conference by Pastor Cory Jones, Emmanuel PHC in Lake City, SC and National M25 Board Member, Angel Alba, along with National Director, Gary Burd. 

So far in 2016, there have been four Battle Cry Events where approximately 220 men have been challenged and inspired to wake up from the spirit of apathy and passivity that has invaded and neutralized the men of the Kingdom. In two locations it was followed by training to be Knights of the Kingdom where over 40 men have received intense training and honored with the presentation of a 47" stainless steel sword. 

The events have taken place in S. Carolina, Florida, Hawaii and California, with more to be held this fall. Men have given of their time and churches, conferences and men's ministry leaders have sacrificed to make these events full of manly challenge. 

The subjects in all Battle Cry events deal with the following:
  • Embrace Your Manhood
  • Discover your identity
  • Define your mission
We have come to realize the men in the Kingdom struggle with the loss of the adventurous spirit, the desire to live risky lives and have been harnessed with a life of boredom and a mundane schedule. We have been reduced to good little boys that have learned a series of life patterns that have taken the fight out of our church and left the church vulnerable to an enemy that has taken our influence from our nation. The result is churches of men that give the Kingdom a couple hours a week and produced a society that has been defined as 'post-Christian'. 

We discuss how men in the church is in need of CPR because we have lost the Culture, succumbed to a life of Political correctness and have learned to exist in a Rut (a grave with both ends open). In Psalms 138:7, we are told He will "revive" (breath fresh breath, the same breath God breathed in Adam) in the midst of trouble (a vice squeezing the breath out of us). 

There is a challenge to be more than 'saved', more than confessing the 'sinner's prayer' and move to a life devoted to see Jesus brought back to a place of honor and to aggressively Advance the Kingdom. It is the heart of Battle Cry events to challenge men to "step up" (to a new level of selfless and sacrificial love) and "step out" to serve people outside their comfort zone in order to earn the right to plant the seed of God's love in 'all soils' (Mark 4). To depend on the Holy Spirit to operate in them the 'creative power' to bring this culture back to the Judeo-Christian values the USA was built on. 

Hawaii Knights
The final thing we deal with is the idea of 'running to the fire' rather than away. The military that protects this nation is taught to advance when fired upon rather than run the other way. Lt Col Grossman writes 'the nation must become prepared for what is coming our way'. He states in his book, "On Combat", the things you are not prepared for will do deep seeded emotional damage which will take much counseling to overcome. The church must change it's approach from, 'if this happens...' to 'when this happens...' if we hope to see our churches thrive in the face of oppression that is coming, (Jeremiah 29:4-6). We urge leaders to build their ministries on challenge not blessings. We have become so 'blessed' and embraced the 'entitlement' spirit of our country in the church, that we have produced a very weak institution called the church. Believers are taught they are 'entitled' to all these blessings because.... It is our heart to move to a place where we could be called upon to be a 'warrior' (Hebrews 11:32) or a martyr (Hebrews 11:35) in order to pass the Freedom of Religion and Life to the next generation. 

The Swords
The Knights training focuses on three basic codes that drive our life with classes to help us embrace them:
Whatever the tool, may the churches in this country move from casual Christianity, a love for this world that creates risk-free living, and a spirit of apathy that prevails. May the men of the church rise and become aggressive, risk takers and transformed men who are not afraid to give 100% to the Kingdom of God. 

If you are interested in a Battle Cry in your church or area, please contact us at gburd@arn.net or 806-670-9669.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Crow Nation Beachhead
Mission:M25 leads a team, including Pastor Paul McElroy (Helena, MT) and Pastor Rick Haug (Maiden, NC) and seasoned M25 members from Christian Heritage Church in Amarillo, TX and Ft Dodge IA, to storm the 'beach' of the Crow Reservation at Crow Fair 2016 in Crow Agency, MT the week of August 17-21, 2016. 
The vision was to give a Tobiano Paint horse on Saturday night during the Grand Entry. This had several hurdles to jump, 1) Saturday night the agenda is packed, 2) A white man is not allowed to address the crowd, 3) this was being done by the church which had never been allowed before. As we were walking around the "Arbor" where all of the dancing and competitions took place, Pastor Dr. Russell (Rusty) StandsOverBull told me, 'it will be a miracle if we can get this done'. 
First thing, Pastor Rusty was asked to open the evening in prayer. This was Pastor Rusty's first time to engage this event. As he stated in the service on Sunday evening, 'I was raised Pentecostal Holiness, meaning, we did not go to 'those' places'. A huge religious, cultural step for this successful professors of three universities, had to make. We forget Jesus spent most of His time outside the Temple, as the Bible records, sitting with the hopeless, the scum, the tax collectors, the adulterers, the demon possessed, etc. 
Then the stall game, we were to give JJ (the beautiful horse with saddle) away at 7 pm. There were over 1500 free tickets in the bucket to be drawn from, people were anxious. Then it was 7:45 pm, then the clock hit 9:15 pm and they decided they would allow the drawing. (It was clearly seen, we were invading a culture driven by many who still hate the white man (if hate is ever justified they are justified) and a Christianity forced on them, even giving them "Christian" names. This was a time to stand firm, eyes set but full of the "Fruit of the Spirit", patience. 
As we stepped to the center of the Arbor, considered Sacred Ground, two white pastors and a Native American who had withdrew from the event decades ago, the air was static. The announcer, obviously a believer, made all the right statements about churches coming to give because we had received; we were there to honor the Lord and the Native American, etc. Then when we began to draw the tickets (draw five and the first one who came to me, would get the horse and we would keep drawing five tickets until the horse was given) the crowd became quiet. Quietness was not something experienced in this event that had the war drums playing and people dancing, people talked loudly as the announcer would talk but now, there was a hush. They wanted to hear who won this horse. The numbers were drawn and I was allowed to speak into the microphone and then I exerted, 'Thank you for allowing us to present this horse and may the Lord bless you', the microphone was quickly removed. 
Just as the announcer was about to take off walking back to the announcement stand, Pastor Rusty reached out and took the microphone under an anointed boldness. He spoke in the Crow language, 'For all the treaties that have been and are being broken by the white man to the Native American, these white pastors come to say they are sorry and to build a bridge of forgiveness to our people.' There is a 'Holy Hush' that comes over the crowd of thousands of dancers and drummers and guest to watch. This is the largest PowWow in the USA and is known to have the largest number of TeePees in the nation. Pastor Rusty moves on and shares a short Gospel message and invites them to his church. We had just witnessed a miracle. 
Pastor Rick & Beverly Haug,
 Gary and Carolyn Burd
with Lorri OldBull and girls
A young lady, Lorri OldBull, won JJ! She was ecstatic because of her praying for eight years for a horse for her children. She resides in Pryor, MT, where Arrowhead Christian Center, the home of Pastor Rusty. 
The next night Pastor Rusty ventures out to the Arbor again to eat a bowl of soup with his cousins. He later shared how he could barely eat the soup due to the number of people coming into the teepee desiring prayer, even the prayer of deliverance over a cousin bound by a drug addiction was experienced. 
As M25's final riders departed, Pastor Rusty, his wife and Mom came around the bikes and shared how good it was to find a way to take the Gospel to the people. He stated they needed creative ways to penetrate the tribes, who are suffering from hopelessness, addictions, poverty and suicide. We all agreed this must happen again next year, (funds for the horse is already committed and we have the saddle already donated!)
Once again, we have seen the Kingdom of God advancing as we fulfill the commission of 'going'. I remember a vision while riding my Harley across Dallas, TX eighteen years ago. I could see how we as a church had worked to 'perfect' evangelism in our country. We put buoys on the lake with signs on them directing the 'fish' where to go if they wanted help. (We also are good at dropping floaters (tacts) on the water). We had modernized and professionalized the churches, that way when the 'fish' jump out of the lake, we would be equipped to help them. (We are excellent in treating the symptoms but never take time to find the root of why they were 'self-medicating' or whatever their problem was). M25 has found much fruit, on a 'skinny' budget to go to the lake, rather than dig a lake that will attract the fish to jump out and come on over. 
M25, under the leadership of Pastor Paul McElroy, served Crow Fair by picking up trash and cleaning up the Arbor and vender's walkway every day. We made sure on Sunday to do a great job to show them we did not do it just to get the time the night before. 
I want to thank:
  • Pastor Paul McElroy and the people of Mountain Family Worship Center, for having the heart and opening the door. For their team, that not only served in the give-away and gave the saddle, but worked the concession stand and cooked a meal they paid for. 
  • Pastor Rick and Beverly Haug and Living Word Church for purchasing JJ and their service during the event.
  • The Christian Heritage Church, M25 team, Danny & Glenda Stewart, Stephen Walker, Ed and Lillie Pshigoda and Fay Patterson. 
  • Lloyd and Debbie from Ft Dodge, IA for serving. 
  • Bishop Garry Bryant for his donation from Acts2Day
  • Chaplain Philip Chandler for his assistance in purchasing JJ. 
In conclusion, a beachhead is to open and establish a way for others to advance. The opening is there, now we invite you to pray about going with us to continue to advance the Kingdom. 

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Bikers and Diapers

What would bikers and diapers have in common?

On July 10, 2016 in Wilmington NC, at the Gateway Church, Pastored by Jay Young, bikers who had seen the FaceBook post of our 2016 50CC Diaper Run to raise awareness of our Royal Home Ministries began to walk in with diapers. They did not know any of us, they had no personal invitation but saw the opportunity to support the efforts of life. I would guess that not everyone that brought diapers were fully committed to pro-life but they would support the idea of giving the girls an option. It was a sight to behold as these men walked in the church, hot and sweaty from a ride that afternoon, proudly carrying packages of Pampers!

Jesus With aborted baby in hand
 at the Cross in Groom TX
What is the Royal Home Ministry? Why would we do such a crazy motorcycle ride to raise awareness, diapers, baby wipes and cash? Royal Home Ministries is a place where girls caught in an unwanted pregnancy with no support can go to find love and full support. RHM is an extension of Falcon  Chilren's Home under the leadership of Joey Leggett, being birthed under the burden of Marvin Whitfield. The home has one building to accommodate twelve girls that is pregnant and another building that can house sixteen girls with their babies. The girls, as young as fourteen years of age, have found not only a place to support her but can continue her education, find mentoring in motherhood and running a budget. It is a first class operation under the divine guidance flowing through their new director, Marysol Martinez.

Riding in Arizona
There were "Life Rallies" from Wilmington, NC to Lancaster, CA with stops at Cornerstone Conference in Browns Summit, NC; Compassion Church at Dickson, TN and Memphis, TN; Global Ministry Center in Oklahoma City, OK; Christian Heritage Church, hosted by Full Armor Biker Church in Amarillo, TX; and Renaissance Center in Lancaster, CA. While I would like to take time to give you details on each of the rallies, let me be brief and say, thanks to the Bishops, Pastors and congregants who came out with diapers, baby wipes, cash and encouraging words as we came across the nation.

30 minute radiator change
On the way out we experienced a blow out on the radiator of our chase truck pulling the diapers, We did not view it as an attack of the adversary to stop the mission, it was on a truck with 233,000 miles on it and the thing just blew a hole in the heat of Arizona. The amazing thing was that it happened 8 miles from a parts house that had a radiator in stock, which the team jumped in to repair and within 30 minutes was back on the road. The truck lost it's air conditioning and after two attempts to repair, made it across the desert two times without the comfort. We had one bike that gave the rider electrical problems but managed to ride all the way, some 5,300 miles before breaking completely down 45 minutes from his home in North Carolina!

When we arrived in Lancaster, Bishop Tom Murray, Pastor Bill Kenedy and M25 Pointman Billy Wood were there to host us for two days, rooms, meals and overall love and support were over the top. We had bikes repaired, serviced and then rode to Los Angeles and on down to San Diego for our final night before making the 50CC IBA (Iron Butt Association) sanctioned ride, 50 hours from coast to coast aka 50CC Iron Butt Run.

Starting Line
Before the sun came up on July 19, at 5:45 AM, we were in the saddle headed to the El Cajon Police Station where M25 rider, Jerry Plent organized for the start. After a picture, a hug of encouragement from Dustin Taylor and Pastor Bill Kenedy, the six bikes and truck and trailer hit Interstate 8 headed east to Jacksonville, FL.

Riders were:

  • Shane Anderson, Ft Bragg NC, active duty Army with 2 weeks leave of Freedom Biker Church. 
  • Gary Burd, Amarillo, TX, National M25 Leader
  • Jacob Guenther, Guymon, OK, Leader at Harvest Church
  • Rodney McCray, Charlotte NC, Leader at the Rock Church (rode with us last year)
  • Jerry Plent, Chino Hills CA, M25 rider who is retired SWAT from the LA County Police
  • Jon Potter, Richmond VA, Pastor of Vineyard Church
In the truck pulling the trailer was Herman Strickland, Siler City, NC and Stephen Walker aka Sgt Rock from Amarillo TX. 

We stopped approximately every 150 miles for fuel, to greet people and receive donations. There was a stop in Junction TX where we slept three hours on the church pews. The ride had it's moments of extreme heat, cool night air and some very intense moments of thunderstorms. The biggest hurdle to cross was the 'mattress' in the middle of I-10 at 2 am at 80 miles per hour. Five of the six bikes hit it but none went down and only two sustained front fender damage. 

Prayer in Baton Rouge LA
One of the highlights was stopping in Baton Rouge, LA where we took a moment to have prayer for the policemen's families killed in the line of duty a week before. Jerry Plent led us in a very heartfelt and moving prayer as we stood in front of the Memorial for these heroes of our nation. 

Bishop Doug Beacham with team
We arrived at 8:07 am on Thursday morning after riding all night long, well below the 50 hours at 47 hours and 7 minutes. The feeling of accomplishment was overwhelming. Most of us slept at the Harvest Church in Jacksonville, FL for a few hours and then Allen and Tricia Raugh joined us in the ride to Youth Quest in Daytona Beach, FL. Bishop Doug Beacham, the catalyst for all of this in his stand for life on January 22, every year since 2014 was there to greet us. 

To date our totals are:
  • Diapers - 55,415
  • Baby Wipers - 62,917
  • Cash - $16,055 (with three offerings yet to give us totals)

There is much to be said of this incredible ride but this would turn into a book. Let us just say a great big thank you to all who supported this effort in so many different ways. One of the highlights of our trip was to see so many of our Run For The Wall family members come out and ride with us for a few miles, bring donations and most importantly, give us encouraging hugs. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Crow Nation Outreach

This article was written by Pastor Mark Richardson, Pointman of Cornerstone Conference & Pastor of Journey Church in Siler City, NC - I felt it must be shared. 

M25: Being A Light In A Dark Place --"Another Just Cause.."

Darkness can be revealed in many ways.  Mission:M25's awareness to such a "dark" area has grown to be more than a revelation...but a burden. In 2014, Mission:M25's National Director Gary Burd participated in Hoka Hey, a grueling 8,000 plus mile motorcycle ride from Key West FL. to Homer, Alaska. The Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge is designed to strip you of modern conveniences and leave you vulnerable to the unknown!  Without the aid of electronic navigation and the creature comforts of a hotel room; you must navigate the HHMC routes using the driving directions provided.  Braving the elements along these technical and scenic two lane roads, you will be forced to confront your demons. Alone on the road, the greatest battle will often take place within and it is at moments like these when true warriors take stock of what is most important and rethink their motives, their actions and their beliefs. 

What came out of the adventure was new relationships with the Native American people.  From Hoka Hey came the experiences that led to the Crow Fair on the Crow Nation in Montana.The Crow Fair was created in 1904 by an Indian government agent to bring the Crow Tribe of Indians into modern society. It welcomes all Native American tribes of the Great Plains to its festivities, functioning as a "giant family reunion under the Big Sky." It is currently the largest Northern Native American gathering, attracting nearly 45,000 spectators and participants. Crow Fair is "the teepee capital of the world, over 1,500 teepees in a giant campground," according to 2011 Crow Fair General Manager Austin Little Light.

From there the darkness began to reveal itself.  Reports vary greatly depending upon Tribe location and data, but what is alarming is the amount of poverty and depression that exist on the Reservations of the Native Americans.  Unemployment levels range from double the current national average to as high as 80% of the tribe's available workforce.  There is much more that could be said but what captured the heart of M25 is the absence of HOPE. The "burden" began to motivate a call for action, "a just cause."  The question: How can M25 be a light in a dark place? Can M25 live out BALNAM (Be A Light And Not A Mouth) and really be a people of HOPE and A Place of Promise to this hurting and overlooked people group? Answer: Yes and Amen! The action plan: "Why not, during the Crow Fair, give away a most prized possession and a symbol of HOPE for the Native American, a "War Horse."  So, Aug. 17-21 during the Pow Wow tickets will be given away and after a short Christian devotion, an invitation to meet the Ultimate Warrior, Jesus Christ, the War Horse will be given away!  

We are so honored that the hearts of Living Word PHC and Pastor Rick Haug have been captured by this need and have already purchased the Horse (Picture of JJ below).  Mission:M25 is humbled to have this opportunity and believe it is a new open door of opportunity to minister to an "overlooked" people (Matt. 25:36-40).  Please join us in prayer for our Native Americans that the true HOPE and HEALING will flow into the Reservations across America. May M25 be a light in a dark and depressed place! 

For more information or to join this vital people touching ministry contact Pastor Mark Richardson at 252-431-4675 or go to www.missionm25.org.  
JJ is a Tabiano Paint Horse, born to race, raced, retired to ranch work, then rode as a therapy horse for veterans & handicapped children for 4 years and is now being used while waiting for his trip to Montana as a ministry horse for a ministry to the overlooked children in Amarillo TX. Bred and trained by Chaplain Philip Chandler 

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Run For The Wall
May 18-28, 2016 

Run For The Wall begins, Sheri was loading her bike as I walked out of the cheap motel room in Kingman, AZ. She was speaking to another person as I approached my bike. The conversation was about this ride she is about to do and it appeared she was riding on Run For The Wall, so I interrupted her for the details. 

Sheri (picture included) began to tell me this is her first time, she is from Tennessee and riding on the Mid Route in memory of her deceased husband of 46 years. He passed three months ago after battling (or should I say she battled) Alzheimer’s for two years. She spoke with tears as she told the story of her husband’s twin brother being KIA (Killed In Action) while both were serving in Vietnam, only 30 miles apart. 

After listening to the story (Dr. Hugh Morgan’s first instructions to me was, “The Ministry of Presence, being there and listening), giving her a M25 RFTW Warrior’s chip and a hug, she was off and on her way to LA to visit a granddaughter for a few days. 

Please know we covet your prayers as we join up in Ontario, CA this Sunday night. We have a huge task before us but we know with the help of the Lord we can make it. The M25 team has 40 people, seven trucks pulling trailers and twenty-six motorcycles on the ground. We obviously need prayer for protection but we feel the urgency of the need to live BALNAM (Be A Light Not A Mouth) or the Ministry of Presence, not only being there with a listening ear but serving them in their need for hydration, broken bikes and emotional issues. 

Our prayer request would include the following:
  • A ray of light to the lost
  • An element of peace to the troubled
  • A dose of healing for the broken
  • A taste of love for the rejected

Thanks for your prayers of support and those of you who helped us with the huge financial undertaking. 

God bless

Gary Burd, National M25 Director